A Letter For Mum

Ogos 5, 2009


Mum, I can still remember those days when I was young,
So much time you spent on me,
Teaching me how to eat with spoon,
button my clothes and comb my hair.
With your patience and encouragement,
I can put my best foot forward in life.
Those moments, I will always cherish.

So if one day your memory slips or your speech fails,
I’ll allow you ample time, To pause and to think.
Even if you lost your speech and your memory,
Don’t you fear, Mum!
A hundred times you repeated the first rhymes before I could sing,
Even now you repeat the same old song or the same old rhymes,
I will always remember the past,
Sharing with you the good old times!

even one day, Mum, You may forget to button up,
Soil your clothes, mess up your hair or if your hand tremble,
Don’t you worry, Mum, take your own sweet time.
I will instead give you more love and patience,
As I will be with you always; your love forever warms my heart!

If one day, Mum, you are too weak to stand or walk,
Don’t you feel despondent!
Surely I will hold your hands tight, stay firmly with you,
Like those moment when you walked my first step with me,
one step at a time!